Get Started

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There are two ways to deploy Snowboard. We manage it for you in the cloud, or you host it yourself.


  1. Register here with your work-email

  2. Verify your E-Mail. Now we start your cloud instance.

  3. Prepare a technical user in Snowflake

    • Write us to get support! Setting permissions can be tricky. Just using ACCOUNTADMIN is not a good practice.

  4. Login to your instance and connect your Snowflake Account.

  5. You did it! Great job. Tell your colleagues about it and explore!


~ 30 min to go from 0 to data discovery

  1. Install docker and docker-compose on a machine with 4 cores and 16GB RAM

  2. Create a directory called snowboard

  3. Download the Docker Compose configuration file: docker-compose.yml

  4. Start the deployment with docker-compose up -d

  5. The Snowboard Data Catalog is now ready on http://localhost/login or your server address

    • Login in with and snowboard

  6. Prepare a technical user in Snowflake

  7. Follow the on-boarding wizard and add your Snowflake account.

  8. Configure SSL Certificate ( optional / recommended )

  9. You did it! Great job. Tell your colleagues about it and explore!


The Snowboard Data Catalog connects directly with your cloud data warehouse. It needs access to the system database and tables of the warehouse (e.g. in SNOWFLAKE.ACCOUNT_USAGE).

Snowboard then provides the ability to quickly and automatically:

  • profile data

  • view access rights and ownership

  • document information objects

  • understand relationships between tables

  • search everything

_images/overview.pngSystem Architecture